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New Jewellery Collection For Bearded Men

A new brand has emerged called Krato Milano that offers unique jewellery items to individuals who like to make a statement. The first collection is dedicated to people who have beards, who would like to express themselves in an individual way. The beard when trimmed correctly, creates a visual style that can accentuate the face, adding jewellery can certainly...

Chinese Man’s Penis Stuck In Wedding Ring

This Chinese man had a problem. He got his Penis stuck in a Wedding ring. For two days he tried to get the ring off, but it was stuck fast. He decided to seek medical help. They told him he needed surgery to get the ring off and the doctors had to use a bolt cutter to remove it. We...

Smiling Dogs

It takes a special photographer to capture animals in a perfect pose. Alex Cearns runs Hounds Tooth Studio in North Perth, Western Australia.  He specializes in animal photography and has won multiple awards for his work. You can find more of Alex's work on his website Hounds Tooth Studio or on Facebook  

Which One do You Think She Is?

So her sister gets invited to a party and I wonder which one she is!! Source

Awesome Morning Alarm Clock Stinky Linky!

Meet Stinky Linky The Frenchie! Stinky Linky is a French bulldog puppy. He is adorable and full of fun! He is owned by Sean Sarantos and looking at his Instagram account it seems that Stinky Linky is a loving being part of the family. Watch how the puppy wakes up his owner every morning! https://youtu.be/wZr8883BYcs I would love to be woken up like this, it...

Queen – “We Are the Champions” Acapella (Freddy Mercury’s Vocals Only)

Staff Members at Playback.fm edited four of Queen's concert films, including a very rare recording session of "We Are The Champions." After the recording was edited they isolated the vocals of Freddy Mercury, to show the great mans vocal range and his stage presence. The results are fantastic. Freddy Mercury reveals his strong and beautiful voice for all to hear....

Top Ten Funny Baby Videos!

This baby's are so cute, my favourites baby's are the twins! https://youtu.be/v9oxyswY8fs

This Little Boys Reaction To This Puppy Is So Cute

This little boys Mom to him to a pet store to look at the dogs. He picked up this little Chihuahua Puppy and burst into tears. When his Mom asked "What's wrong"? his response was "She is just beautiful" https://youtu.be/D6r9cst8OMU Awesome, I hope they have many happy years together.

The Bagel Effect…

Some people love making a different impact about themselves. Now people are using saline to inject it under the skin on there forehead and then press it in the middle to create the bagel effect. After about 30 hours the saline absorbs into the body and disappears. We cant understand why it didn't catch on!     Source: Imgur

This Will Shock You

Two friends were exploring outside an old empty house one dark night and decided to go inside. They were very brave. What they found inside shocked us!! I will never go inside a old empty house again, especially in the middle of the night!! http://youtu.be/dx9AtTExQrY Source : Youtube