New Jewellery Collection For Bearded Men

New Jewellery Collection For Bearded Men

A new brand has emerged called Krato Milano that offers unique jewellery items to individuals who like to make a statement. The first collection is dedicated to people who have beards, who would like to express themselves in an individual way. The beard when trimmed correctly, creates a visual style that can accentuate the face, adding jewellery can certainly enhance the features more. Krato Milano beard jewelry currently consists of shapes like skulls, anchors and classic crystals.

You can also choose items to mix and match your own unique jewellery. The Beard Jewelry collection is currently available for pre-ordering on Kickstarter. Krato Milano is currently raising funds until the 3rd of November and products are scheduled to ship from the beginning of December in time for Christmas.


Krato Milano the creator of the bearded jewelry for men.

krato milano

It took Krato over a year to design the jewellery items. The biggest challenge for him was the design of the clip needed to hold and attach onto the different beard styles that men have.


When people saw and tested the products for Krato they loved it and encouraged him to share his wonderful designs with the rest of the world.


The details on the jewelry products are amazing


Most men take care of their beds but now they can experiment with different styles and accessories


Krato Beard Jewels are a new way for men to define themselves


The jewellery designs also cater for short beards