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The Himalayas

What the Himalayas look like from 20 000 ft. It is an amazing view as this HD camera catches the journey as it travels up the mountain, the views are superb and look so inviting. This was filmed on a helicopter and the crew went up to 24000 ft to capture the correct scenes. They had to use oxygen tanks for breathing as...

Three Ways To Cook Eggs In The Microwave

This video will teach you to cook eggs in three different ways in the Microwave! You will learn to cook scrambled eggs, sunny-side up eggs and poached eggs in less than 2 minutes. This is a brilliant method to use if you are short of time and want a perfectly done egg. http://youtu.be/a1qEMHzrIyw Source : Chow

Gary Barlow to perform at three fans Wedding

Author: lovebelfastcity Gary Barlow has revealed he’s going to perform at the weddings of three of his fans! Taking to Twitter earlier this afternoon, he said he gets thousands of wedding requests every week, and has decided that he wants to sing at three of them in 2015. So who

Tips And Tricks To Make A Double Ponytail

27 Tips And Tricks To Get The Perfect Ponytail Now you, too, can get that Serena Van Der Woodsen ponytail you’ve always dreamed of.Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeedStack two ponytails to give the illusion of a longer, fuller ponytail.promisetangemanblog.comThis trick works great on curly hair, too.Time to

Couple Surprise Guests At Wedding

Getting married is a memorable day for the whole family, but this family will remember this day for the rest of their lives. Watch as the couple shock the guests by breaking out with the footloose dance! Meet Trent and Annalisa Brookshier. http://youtu.be/hO-p4u9icB4 Source: Youtube  

Detroit Man Who Walked 21 Miles To Work

Detroit Man Who Walked 21 Miles to and from Work Moves Out of Dangerous Neighborhood http://bit.ly/1Fa7K8O @Peoplemag

Happy Power Lines

I love this picture, I have never seen a happy electricity pylons before :)                 Author: athensvibegr

White Dress or Blue Dress – Solved.

Author: fotophilosophy White Dress or Blue Dress – Solved.So, the following picture has been making the rounds today, and well-nigh breaking the internet. Blue or white? The question is: Is this a white dress with gold stripes, terribly underexposed, or is it a blue dress with black stripes, terrible