Meet Beau and Theo

Meet Beau and Theo

Beau and Theo Are Adorable

Toddler Beau and his puppy Theo met each other when their mom Jessica Shyba picked up Theo a Shar-Pei and German Shepherd mix, from a pound in Santa Cruz, California when he was about 7 weeks old. Beau and Theo liked each other instantly as he Theo jumped up on Beau when they first met.

Jessica Shyba a mother of three, and blogger at the website decided to train Theo to sleep by himself in his pen, but the pup refused to sleep alone. He wasn’t very happy and used to cry all night.

Eventually she gave in and let him sleep in her bed. The moment she introduced Theo to their bedroom, Theo climbed up on top of her two-year old son Beau, and “it was just the cutest, most natural thing,” tells Jessica. Every day now, when Shyba puts Beau down for his nap, Theo follows and they sleep together. Beau and Theo are now an internet sensation after pictures of them napping together went viral on Instagram last year in 2015. You can see in the picture below how Beau cuddles Theo while they sleep.

Jessica could not believe how many people liked her pictures.

Beau and Theo Naptime

theo and beau 25

theo and beau 23

theo and beau 22

theo and beau 21

theo and beau 20

theo and beau 19

theo and beau 18

theo and beau 17

theo and beau 16

theo and beau 15

theo and beau 14

theo and beau 12

theo and beau 11

theo and beau 10

theo and beau 9

theo and beau 8

theo and beau 7

theo and beau 6

theo and beau 5

theo and beau 4

theo and beau 3

theo and beau 2

theo and beau

You can see the baby and puppy are so happy together. It is so cute to see the way they cuddle and interact with each other while sleeping. You can also see how the little puppy has grown when you look the pictures of Theo.

We hope that Mom Jessica will continue to document the nap times of Beau and Theo as the grow older. We would love a Beau and Theo update at some point.  I am sure these two will be lifelong friends and have a long and happy life together as they explore everything that life has to offer them.

Dogs will always be Men’s best friend as they have been for centuries. That’s why some dogs smile when the see us.