Buying A Wedding Dress Online, Don’t Make These Mistakes.

Buying A Wedding Dress Online, Don’t Make These Mistakes.

A wedding is one of the most important days of our lives. It also costs a fortune and we want to look right on the day. Give the high costs involved in purchasing a wedding dress, ‘brides to be’ are looking online for cheaper alternatives.

But the beautiful bridal gowns that are showcased on websites are often very different to what arrives on your doorstep. It seems that many brides have been affected by this and they have taken to social media to vent their anger.


Original Dress on the left and what arrived on the right, Huh?


Original Dress on the left and what landed on the doorstep. Different sleeves?


Original Dress on the left, the version that arrived has different flowers on a different part of the dress.

wedding dress nightmare.jpg

One bride wanted a fairy tale dress like Sarah Jessica Parker’s Sex And The City character Carrie Bradshaw on the left, but was sent this slack one instead.


 The full skirt was promised by the designer but the dress that arrived had a much smaller skirt.


 Dusted pink was specified on the order form as shown on the left, but this 80’s pop princess pink thing with plastic crystals arrived instead.


The wedding dress on the left promised a structured bodice but it came with a ruching instead. When the bride contacted the company she was dismissed and was told it looked very similar.


The loud dress on the left was ordered but instead a toned down dress arrived.


On the website where the dress was viewed lush beading promised (left) was shown but it turns out to be cheap applique, when it arrived.


This Edwardian dress appeared opulent with a full bodied shirt online (left), however in reality it was lackluster


The model looked stunning in this Celtic style ensemble (left) the real life dress is seriously underwhelming in comparison


  The dress in real life (right),  didn’t live up to what was promised at all (left)

weddingdress21Bought from a Chinese Website left, it was very disappointing when it arrived.

Although it might be expensive it’s best to try on the wedding dress before you buy it so that you can make sure it fits and it’s to your required taste.

Source : Daily Mail