Funny Cats In Water

Funny Cats In Water

Funny Cats in Water!

Most cats do not like water, but its so funny to see how they try to avoid it. Have you tried to bath a cat before, its near impossible. but if you know of a best way to bath a cat please let us know.  In this video of funny cats in water, listen as it sounds like this cats are saying ‘No’ and ‘Mama’. Its so cute.

The important part is getting a cat used to water when it is still a kitten, slowing introduce it to running water and then you can slowly get the kitten used to the idea of playing with the water. If you are calm and relaxed around the kitten when you are getting it used to water then the kitten will remain calm to. Over time you can introduce cat shampoo and even give your cat a massage during bath time. Animals love being pampered and cared for just like us humans.

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