Dying Dogs Bucket List Adventure

Dying Dogs Bucket List Adventure

When Gizelle an 160 pound English Mastiff was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer, Lauren decided to create a bucket list adventure for them. Lauren was determined to create a beautiful and exciting life that Gizelle would enjoy for her last few months. The list included everything that they wanted to do before Gizelle passed away. They spent time canoeing, relaxing on beaches and eating lobsters in Maine. She created a photo album of her memories of the trip.

 Relaxing on the beach in Winter

Bucket List Dog 1

 Riding in a Canoe with Mom

Bucket List Dog 2

Enjoying Times Square

Bucket List Dog 3

Cooking and eating a lobster in Maine

Bucket List Dog 4

Ice Cream Time!

Bucket List Dog 5

Enjoying the road trip with the girls

Bucket List Dog 6

Loves and cuddles with Lauren

Bucket List Dog 7

Spending time in Washington Square Park

Bucket List Dog 8

Partying and meeting with Labrador friends!

Bucket List Dog 9

Enjoying a nice tasty doughnut

Bucket List Dog 10

Posing in a Santa outfit

Bucket List Dog 11

Lauren and Gizelle


Gizelle has sadly passed away. Many thanks to Lauren for sharing such a wonderful story and letting us in on Gizelles last few days.

Source : Twitter and Yahoo