Horse Living in a House in Germany!

Horse Living in a House in Germany!

We have all been there before, Oh the house looks like a pigsty!, but what if your house looked like a stable?

Doctor Stephanie Arndt brought her horse Nasar into her house when Hurricane Xaver blasted through their town of Holt, in Germany. That was late 2013, but the horse is so happy and comfortable he hasn’t moved out yet!

Nasar, a three year old Arabian, is a small horse, but it’s still rather surprising how well he fits into the rather nice home. He spends his days wandering through the well furnished dining room and having sips of juice in the kitchen, he must be a very well behaved horse to be allowed to live in the house like that.

The only question we have is : how soon until Nasar get’s potty trained?

Have a look at pictures below to see how happy Nasar is.

Good Morning, Whats for breakfast?

Horse looking into dining room

Nasar going for a sip of juice

Horse walking in house

Nasar enjoying his juice

Horse in Doorway

 Nasar waiting patiently for the postman

Horse looking through door

Nasar playing riders on the storm

Horse playing the piano

Nasar giving Stephanie a well deserved kiss

Horse giving 

Nasar wondering who the good looking chap in the mirror is

Horse Staring at Mirror

Nasar posing for a picture

Horse staring at you

Helping to pack things away

Horse in study

Nasar hanging out in the living room

Horse in Living Room