Lioness Saves Lion Cub

Lioness Saves Lion Cub

Lioness Rescues Lion Cub

A female lion and her cubs were enjoying a lovely sunny day in Africa, when one of her young lion cubs fell down a deep ravine and could not get back up.  He looked helpless as he tried to climb the steep dried river bank. Every time he made tried to climb up the steep bank, he slid back down. His Mother looks like she is not impressed with the young lion cub.

Lioness saves her cub

The other lioness from the pride come closer to see what is going on with the youngster. As they hang over the edge it looks like the one lioness is holding the other one’s tail to stop her falling in. As the lioness’s try to make a plan to save the young lion cub, he hangs on for dear life at the bottom of the deep ravine.

Lion saves cub

One of the lioness’s decides to make the jump and crawls down the ravine. As it does the lion slips but it manages to control its balance and stops next to the cub. It is amazing how all the lioness’s stick together in times of need. The young cubs father is no where to be seen.

Lioness enters hole

The Lioness mother reaches forward and pics the little lion cub up and with a huge leap climbs up the steep river bank. The little lion cub hangs on for dear life in his moms mouth.

Lioness carrys cub

Mother and son are reunited. You can see the affection between the cub and its mother. The little cub looks shocked but happy. I am sure the lioness is going to have a word with him, not to jump down any ravines again in the future.

Lioness and Cub

It is wonderful to see that animals also have a lovely instinct to protect and care for their young. It is also wonderful to see the teamwork between the lioness’s and how they all pulled together to save the little lion cub.