See How Woman’s Bodies Have Changed Over Time

See How Woman’s Bodies Have Changed Over Time

The female figure has gone through a significant change over time dictated by society. From ancient Egypt where woman started off more slender to Italian Renaissance where they were voluptuous and back to modern times where the body has become slim again. Enjoy this walk through time.


 Ancient Egypt c1292 -1069 B.CEgypt

  Ancient Greece c 500 – 300 B.C.

ancient greeks

 Han Dynasty 206 B.C. – 22 A.Dchinese

 Italian Renaissance 1400 – 1700renaissance italy

 Victorian Era 1837 – 1901Victorian Era

Roaring Twenties 1920

1920 United States

Golden Age of Hollywood 1930 – 1950s

Hollywood 1930 1950

Swinging Sixties 1960s


 Supermodel era 1980s


Heroin Chic 1990s


 PostModern Beauty 2000s  – Today


Source : Buzzfeed