If You Have A Webcam At Home Watching Your Kids, Read This.

If You Have A Webcam At Home Watching Your Kids, Read This.

A nanny was busy changing a little girls diaper on Monday, when she was appalled to hear a stranger’s voice talking over the baby monitor. Professional babysitter Ashley Stanley from Houston Texas, found out that somebody had gained access to the houses surveillance system inside her employer’s’ home and was spying on her and the toddler.

The person was speaking to them through the webcam that was manufactured by a company called Foscam and was installed by the toddlers parents. The small camera was placed by Samantha’s crib but it can be controlled to view the entire bedroom and even the hallway.

The nanny reported that ‘They kept telling me that it’s a cute baby and ‘wow, that is a poopy diaper, she couldn’t believe she was being spied on.

webcam Ashley Stanley and Samantha


 Ashley was changing Samantha’s diaper when she heard the voices talking to her very creepy.


The software lets the parents check on Samantha, but only when the phones are on the home Wi-Fi network. It’s unclear how the intruders gained access to the camera, but it is scary to think how long they had been watching before they said anything.  The parents have now unplugged the camera so that no one can spy on them and their child. If the hackers ever got caught this could constitute a federal crime.

Source : Daily Mail